We are licenced by the NZ HEA to export Blackcurrants, Summer fruit and Tamarillo.

Click the following links to download our a copy of our Export Licence Certificate for Blackcurrants, Summer fruit and Tamarillo.


We hold a collaborative marketing licence with Kiwifruit NZ  to export NZ KiwiBerry.


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We are certified by BioGro New Zealand as an exporter of organic blueberries, cherries and plums to international and domestic markets.

Click here to download a copy of our Certificate of Compliance.


We are a registered Exporter and Importer with the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Click the following links to download a copy of our Notice of Registration Certificates for Organic Exporter, Animal Products Exporter and Food Importer.

Our Produce

Our Produce

We export a premium range of fresh New Zealand produce sourced from growers throughout the country.

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We work with New Zealand’s largest blackcurrant growers to export this superfood in a range of products.

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We export by sea and air to a comprehensive range of countries worldwide, but are continually looking to expand our global reach into new markets.

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