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We source and export a premium range of fresh New Zealand produce from a select range of growers throughout New Zealand.  We work closely with our growers
to ensure the produce we export meets customer specifications and expectations.

Whilst we hand-pick the products we choose to export, if you’re looking for a particular product not shown here, please contact us and
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Oca (also known in New Zealand as Yams) are approximately the size of a thumb or slightly bigger.  They can be apricot, yellow or the traditional red colour, with a slightly shiny, ribbed surface.  Oca have a somewhat zesty yet sweet flavour, with the yellow variety being sweeter than the red. 

Oca is one of the highest vegetable sources of carbohydrate and energy.  They are a good source of essential amino acids, pro-vitamin A (from beta-carotene), potassium, vitamin C and B6.  Yellow-orange varieties indicate the presence of carotenoids, whilst the red skins and specks in the flesh indicate the presence of anthocyanins.  Oca have a low Glycemic Index making them ideal for diabetics. 

Pack: 5kg box
Variety: Red | Apricot | Yellow

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Availability Jun to Aug